mercredi 1 juillet 2009

Balade dans Beograd

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Anonyme a dit...

la première photo sent l'humus
la seconde les croisades
la troisième la modernité perchée abhérante
et la quatriéme me rappelle la gare de montpellier

da Bitch a dit...

wouaaa! j'adore la murale.

Julia a dit...

Wow, Eric, how far you've come! I'm trying to keep up with your travel, but I've got this damn diploma thesis to write...that takes a lot of time. And of course it takes me ages to translate your blog entries as my french is rather...hum...bad.
Anyway - greetings from memmingen! Julia ;-)

É. a dit...

Julia! How are thing in Memmingen? I think of you guys often! You were awesome hosts!